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PROOF for Marketing and Sales

PROOF is the proven business performance management tool you need to improve your marketing and sales analysis.

Maximize opportunities with built-in performance metrics
PROOF has built-in knowledge about how you measure your business so you can hit the ground running with key marketing and sales performance metrics.You'll discover where your greatest opportunities exist and understand precisely which products, geographic regions, customers, sales channels, and marketing strategies need more focused efforts.

Hone your marketing strategy
With PROOF, you quickly and easily understand market demographics -- and gain visibility into buying trends, who your most frequent and profitable customers are, and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Are you using external data sources to provide demographic, advertising, product sell-through, retail POS, or other data?If so, chances are, your product definitions, fiscal calendar, and geographic regions don't exactly match those used by your data suppliers.See both internal and external data in your own familiar format using your company's fiscal calendar and product hierarchies.Get targeted insights into customer buying patterns and thesuccess rates of ad campaigns and other marketing initiatives.With PROOF, you can see and manage all your data the way you want!

Fine tune your sales strategy
Successful sales strategies maximize revenue and market share through new customer acquisition and retaining and expanding the existing customer base.In order for these strategies to succeed, excellent sales performance and high-level customer satisfaction and support are key.Whether you sell direct, through channels, or both, PROOF gives you the information you need to be responsive to buying trends and unforeseen sales or customer issues.Adding new performance metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reports is simple and straightforward.

Better information gives you the edge
PROOF makes it easy to answer questions and assess key performance indicators:
  • Meeting Targets (comparisons of actual performance to objectives)
    • Which items, stores or geographic regions are hitting their targets?
    • Which stores and regions are the most profitable?
    • Which items account for less than 20% of sales?
    • What % of the sales force has met quota?
    • How successful has this marketing campaign been?
    • Did we close the number of deals we expected this quarter?

  • Highlighting Trends (% growth, current period vs. last period vs. same period a year ago)
    • Which product, category, store, customer, sales district, or region is underperforming this year?
    • How is this product, category, store, customer, sales district, or region doing this year vs. last year?
    • How many leads have we closed vs. this time last year or last month?
    • Are we under- or overstocked?Which distributors or stores have potential inventory or replenishment issues that need attention?
    • How many sales reps, districts, distributors, or stores have sold at least one hundred units this period vs. last period and how do they compare with the same time last year?
    • Which products, categories, sales reps, districts, distributors, or stores are growing as a percent of revenue contribution?
    • How quickly are we increasing sales in each geographic region?

  • Establishing Typical rankings (% of total, best/worst performers)
    • Is one store/region/sales rep showing significantly less revenue as a percent of total revenue than usual?Why?
    • Which product is contributing the most profit margin to total company profits?
    • Which products, sales districts, sales reps, or stores are outperforming or underperforming?
    • Which products have the lowest expense to sales ratios?
    • Per sales rep, what is the average # sales calls/week and average # of prospects, and average # of customers managed?
    • What are the close ratios of the best performers vs. the worst performers?
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PROOF overview (PDF).

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