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With Symmetry, you gain a partner who is a leader. Rather than simply building on readily available ideas and techniques, we create new and better solutions to problems. Symmetry has been at the forefront of BI technology since 1986. Because we helped create some of the trends that have shaped the BI marketplace, our knowledge becomes your advantage.


Pioneered the use of hierarchical dimensions with embedded aggregates

Developed the product that subsequently became Oracle Financial Analyzer

Created the Analytical Performance Benchmark (APB-1) for the OLAP Council

Invented the ADAPT multidimensional database design methodology

Provided the base technology for Microsoft SQL Server Accelerator for BI

Developed the BI Framework, a metrics platform for performance management

We don’t rest on our laurels. We recognize that solutions to business intelligence problems evolve out of basic research and collaboration. Symmetry devotes considerable time and effort to developing generalized business solutions to common BI technical issues.

Our experience goes deep. If you are a corporate client, our experience goes directly to your bottom line through reduced development time and more valuable applications. If you are a vendor adding business intelligence functionality to a software product, we can help you create a product that is distinguished in your market.

Our team of experts has a long history of creating innovative solutions to hard problems. Learn how our business intelligence experience can make a difference for you.

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