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 PROOF is like having an expert BI developer permanently on staff.PROOF makes the hard part of developing performance management applications easy.By managing metrics in a central repository, it guarantees a single version of the truth and significantly reduces development time, redundant programming, and maintenance.”

Claudia Imhoff,
President and Founder
Intelligent Solutions

Information technology departments are under increasing pressure to address existing backlogs with fewer and less costly resources.At the same time, company performance is under greater scrutiny as worldwide competition continues to increase.Demand is at an all time high for business performance management systems that optimize performance relative to stated company goals and business strategies.

With PROOF Performance Reporting Framework, Symmetry can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively help implement your business performance management system.PROOF's intelligent framework ensures conformance with BI best practices.With PROOF, you don't need to be a business intelligence expert:BI expertise is built-in.

PROOF creates and organizes metrics based on the three T's of Targets, Trends, and Typical Rankings.Whether you are creating scorecards, reports, or a performance dashboard, PROOF's intelligent framework will enable you to provide higher quality and consistent information to your business users.

PROOF automatically creates the baseline performance metrics you need. What's more, PROOF ensures that additional company or industry specific metrics conform to IT standards of data integrity and consistency.Once you create a metric, it's always available, even if you're creating a different report or query, regardless of the client tool.That's because PROOF manages metrics in a central repository to guarantee that different reports don't show different numbers for the same calculation.

Our centralized approach to managing metrics also means that if a metric changes, the definition only needs to be changed in one place, not in every spreadsheet or report that references the metric.The benefit to IT is reduced maintenance costs ? without sacrificing data accuracy.

Moreover, since PROOF is based on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, you can choose from a wide variety of reporting tools to deliver your performance metrics, including Excel, Microsoft Reporting Services, SharePoint Insights (PerformancePoint Services), Panorama, Strategy Companion, and others.

To find out more about PROOF for business performance management and how you can deliver scorecarding and performance dashboards more easily, contact us.

PROOF overview (PDF).

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