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Today’s business intelligence software makes it easier than ever to code your own analytical applications. So why hire Symmetry?

Experience makes the difference.
To implement a business intelligence system, you need more than an understanding of technology. You also need business expertise. Our consultants have years of hands-on, real-world experience designing, building, and deploying analytical systems in a wide range of industries and application areas. We understand how to translate business requirements into flexible, high-performance technology solutions that can be easily modified as business users’ needs change. This means higher performance systems with a longer shelf life.

We make your job easier.
We’ve built so many business intelligence systems over the years that we’re already familiar with the metrics and reports most commonly requested by business users. We’ve created a Performance Reporting Framework that incorporates commonly requested metrics and reports to make your implementation quick and easy. We've created a BI Framework for Software Vendors that makes adding business intelligence to existing software applications simple. We know the pros and cons of different BI technologies. And we can help you pick the right tools for your application.

We are business intelligence experts.
Business intelligence is what we do and we understand it inside and out. Our consultants provide a very high level of business intelligence expertise. Whether you have a simple application that you need to get up and running quickly or a complex analytical problem that you need help solving, our business intelligence experts are at your service. For more information about how you can simplify design and development of your business intelligence systems, contact Symmetry.

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