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Tip 32 - This tip explains how to set attribute relations correctly using the new Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) in Analysis Services 2005.  Overlooking this configuration setting can have performance and functionality implications.

Tip 31 - This utility enables logging of stored procedures to tables in the Microsoft SQL Server relational database for easier auditing, debugging, and performance testing of the stored procedures.

Tip 30 - This code example illustrates how batch reports can be generated using an InfoPath form to accept shared report parameters.  It also illustrates how to use the built-in subscription and Shared Schedule features of Microsoft Reporting Services 2005 to send the reports to a wider user community by email.

Tip 28 - This script automates the archive process of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services databases on a server. It eliminates the chance of a database being added without the archive task being defined and simplifies the back up process by using consistent directory and file names.

Tip 12 - This utility converts a hierarchy file in a tree format to a parent-child format to facilitate adding dimension members to an OLAP database.

ADAPT Visio stencil - Use the ADAPT Visio stencil to design the objects and operations of a multidimensional OLAP database.  Learn more about ADAPT.

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